Legion of Super-Heroes® Slurpee Cups

In 1973 DC Comics and 7-Eleven teamed up to put out a set of Slurpee cups. Some of the cups featured members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Cosmic Boy Slurpee Cup

Cosmic Boy
Real Name: Rokk Krinn
The people of Rokk's planet, Braal, developed magnetic powers to combat metal monsters. As Cosmic Boy, he uses these powers in the Legion of Super-Heroes, whose first leader he was.

SaturnGirl Slurpee Cup

Saturn Girl
Real Name: Imra Ardeen
Saturn Girl comes from Titan, largest moon of Saturn where all people have ESP powers. She was one of the charter members of the Legion of Super-Heroes and served two consecutive terms as its leader.

Lightning Lad Slurpee Cup

Lightning Lad
Real Name: Garth Ranzz
Born on the planet Winath, Garth was accidentally charged with lightning bolts cast by monsters on the planet Korbal. Now he can create lightning to fight evil, which he does with the Legion of Super-Heroes. He was one of its charter members.

Brainiac 5 Slurpee Cup

Brainiac 5
Real Name: Querl Dox
Brainiac 5's ancestor was adopted by Brainiac, the space-villain who is Superman's enemy in our time. In the 30th century, Brainiac 5 uses his super-mind to battle evil with the Legion of Super-Heroes. He comes from the planet Colu.

Mon-El Slurpee Cup

Real Name: Lar Gand
Born on the planet Daxam, Lar had amnesia when he reached Earth. Since he had powers like Superboy's, the Boy of Steel thought he was from Krypton and named him Mon-El. Later, lead poisoning threatened his life, so Superboy put him in the Phantom Zone till a cure was found in the 30th century. Lar then joined the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Chameleon Boy Slurpee Cup

Chameleon Boy
Real Name: Reep Daggle
Like all people of the planet Durla, Reep can change his shape and color to resemble anything or anybody. He uses this ability in the Legion of Super-Heroes, where he leads the Espionage Squad.

There are also Slurpee cups featuring Superboy and Supergirl, although the text on the back of the cups does not mention their memberships in the Legion.
Superboy Slurpee Cup

Secret Identity: Clark Kent, student at Smallville High
When Superman was a boy, he first fought crime as Superboy in Smallville. It was then that he developed the character of Clark Kent--timid, so he could run away when danger threatened--and switch to his super-identity.

Supergirl Slurpee Cup

Secret Identity: Linda Lee Danvers, student advisor at New Athens Experimental School, in Florida.
When the planet Krypton exploded, one city survived under a plastic dome--and there Kara, Superman's cousin, was born. When Kryptonite wiped out the city, she was sent to Earth, and here she became Supergirl.

A checklist of all the DC Comics Slurpee cups is available.

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