Legion of Super-Heroes® Costumes:

Chicago Comic Convention - 1997

Fans in Legion of Super-Heroes costumes were out in full force on Saturday afternoon during the 1997 Chicago Comic Convention.

Legionnaire Group Pics

Legionnaires at the DC boothAt the DC Comics Booth.

From left to right: front: Apparition, Cosmic Boy; rear: Ultra Boy, Star Boy, Live Wire, M'Onel, Saturn Girl, Gates, Kinetix.

[Note that Star Boy is wearing the pre-Zero Hour costume.]

Photo by John Adams

More Legionnaires at the DC boothThe fans in the costumes are: Mike "Ultra Boy" Leib, Eric "Star Boy" Henrickson, Brian Douglas "Live Wire" Ahern, Tony "M'Onel" Vitale, Teresa "Apparition" Vitale, Sidne Gail "Saturn Girl" Ward, Leman "Gates" Yuen, Gordon "Cosmic Boy" Smuder, and Jennifer "Kinetix" Menken. Johanna "Shrinking Violet" Draper and William"Superboy" Moschke also participated in the costuming and are in the picture below.

Leman Yuen organized the event and made most of the costumes. He instructed Tony and Teresa Vitale in constructing the M'Onel and Apparition ensembles. Eric Henrickson made his own Star Boy costume.

Photo by John Adams

And even more LegionnairesFront row: Gates. Back row: Ultra Boy, Superboy, Live Wire, Saturn Girl, Apparition, Shrinking Violet, M'Onel.

Photo by Greg Turner

And still more LegionnairesFront row: Saturn Girl and Apparition. Back row: Ultra Boy, M'Onel, Star Boy, Cosmic Boy, Kinetix, Live Wire.

Photo by Bala Menon

The three founders.The three Legion founders, Live Wire, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy.

Photo by Greg Turner

Individual Legionnaires

Live WireLive Wire Saturn GirlSaturn GirlCosmic BoyCosmic Boy

M'OnelM'OnelGatesGatesUltra BoyUltra Boy

Shrinking VioletShrinking Violet KinetixKinetix

Photos by Leman Yuen

Legionnaires and Legion Fans

Imra, Jo, and MikeSaturn Girl, Ultra Boy, and longtime Legion fan, Mike Chary.

Photo by Chris Jackson

Bob and ImraLongtime Imra fan Bob Dobiesz and Saturn Girl.

Photo by Chris Jackson

Legion Loves

Saturn GirlSaturn Girl and Live Wire Live Wire

Photos by Chris Jackson

Jo and TinyaUltra Boy and Apparition.

Photo by Leman Yuen

Other Conventions

The 1997 Chicago Comic Convention isn't the only time that Legionnaires have appeared at comic conventions.

Cosmic Boy 1996Vernon Harmon as Cosmic Boy at the 1996 Chicago Comicon.

Photo by Leman Yuen

DragonmagePre-Zero Hour Legionnaire, Dragonmage, at a past convention. Dragonmage portrayal and costume by Leman Yuen

Photo supplied by Leman Yuen

Night Girl

Night Girl is a member of the Legion of Substitute-Heroes and Cosmic Boy's pre-Zero Hour girlfriend. Sidra Roberts put her hair in a beehive to portray Night Girl at a comic convention in the Houston area

Night Girl

Photos supplied by Sheryl Roberts

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