Saturn Girl Original Art

Over the past few years I've collected quite a few sketches and customized figures of my favorite comic book character, Saturn Girl of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Since it's not too practical for me to carry all these pieces around with me when I visit with fellow Legion of Super-Heroes fans at conventions, etc., I decided to put a selection of the sketches and other pieces up on a web page for others to see. Some of the sketches are by professional artists while others are by people who do not claim to have any artistic ability whatsoever. The pieces are presented in roughly chronological order.

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Adam Hughes: 1992 Mike Grell: 1994 Phil Moy: 1995
KC Carlson: 1995 Mike Chary: 1995 Mike McAvennie: 1995

Tom McCraw: 1995

Tom Peyer: 1995

Roger Stern: 1995
Chris Sprouse: 1995 Chris Sprouse: 1995 Lev Kalman: 1996
Steve Lightle: 1996 Anna Maria Cool: 1996 Leah Adezio: 1997
Ron Boyd: 1997 Brad Horning: 1997 Robin Riggs: 1997
David Oakes: 1997 Chris Sprouse: 1997 WC Carani: 1998
Jeff Moy: 1998 Bruce Timm: 1998 Alan Davis: 1998
Colleen Doran: 1998 Rick Stasi: 1998 Jeff Moy: 1998
Alex Tam: 1998 Terry Beatty: 1998 Jeff Moy: 1998
Terry Austin: 1999 Ramona Fradon: 1999 Dan DeCarlo: 2000
Pascal Alixe: 2000 William Stout: 2001 Rick Burchett: 2001

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